Katarzyna Tubylewicz is a Polish writer, translator of Swedish literature and a journalist. She is best known for her non – fiction books about Sweden “Lonesome as a Swede. Of the people of the North who enjoy being alone”, “Stockholm. A Capital City Humming With Silence”, “The Moralists. How Swedes Learn From Mistakes and Other Stories” and “The Swedish Art of Love. On love and sex in the North”.

She has also written four novels: “Own Places”, “Peers”, “Marcel’s Last Novel” and “A Very Cold Spring” and translated books from Swedish to Polish by acclaimed contemporary Swedish writers such as: Majgull Axelsson, Jonas Gardell , Kjell Westö and Niklas Orrenius.

As a journalist Tubylewicz has written many years for „Gazeta Wyborcza” (www.wyborcza.pl) , „Polityka” (www.polityka.pl) and „Krytyka Polityczna” (www.krytykapolityczna.pl). She writes also for the Swedish digital newspaper “Kvartal” (www.kvartal.se).

Between 2006 -2012 Tubylewicz was Poland’s cultural attaché in Sweden and the director of the Polish Cultural Institute in Stockholm.

Currently she focuses on her writing and … teaching yoga.